3º paragraph

If I could choose what Iwant  to do   when I was a children ,I woud choose  to dance and play basketball.Sometimes I think that everybody  one day told this,because when  we`re a children  we don`t think about  the future or we think but tottaly superficial,because when we are a cildren we don`t have time  to think and we don´t have experience for  choose something.Of course that I `m talking about for example: if you want to do music our inglish.For me is better if parents choose because  if you want to stop one day you won`t incorrect =).

So I like to practice activites ,I ,like moviment,I like to dance,I don`t konw why but when I have a ball I can`t stop,I want cast ,I want put in a basket,I want to do a lot of things,it`s difficult I just see.The same thing happen when  I`m dancing (of course that depend of the music), when I `m dancing ,I forgot my problems and I feel like a butterfly,free,without rules.

I think that dance and sports have a big relation with human being ,because in the dance and in the sports you have a *feeling that you can`t explain,for example if you like a lot a song and you are sad and you take a bus that somepeople  listen your favorite song you`ll feel better,even if  was just the time of music ;other example :if you ask a footballer or basketballer about what they feel when they start  to play ,I have sure that them will say: Adrenaline.

It`s totally difficult explain ,body activites have a big connection with feeling,with feeling that we(human being) have without know how. 

2º paragraph

I always liked music ,so the presentation of Vania and Gregory was so nice.I thought that I knew all the types of music,but I learned more in Gregori`s presentation.I`ve never listen newage,jado,because when I listend something that I like a lot ,I just listen this ,I didn`t listen anything else,so I started to listen Lorena Mackneth(newage types)and now I didn`t listen just this but I learned that I need to listen other types,because sometimes the convenience avoid you know more things.

Sometimes is funny because you think about something and in on moment you discover that  exist studies about this or not studies but something like that,in Vania`s presentation I thought very interessant,because it s truth `music can affect your mood in a positive or negative manner´.We change when we listen music,we choose music according to us temperament .Music is like a expression,music is like a company,when you`re good or no,when I want cry ,I know what kind of music I `ll listen,when I want to relax too.


presentation 1

I had never stopped for think about horoscope ,when I was a children ,I sow a  book about horoscope  in my house ,in the parent`s bedroom ,so I started to read and I dint`t believe in nothing that  I read ,so today  I don`t changed my form to think about this, but I tried to understand somethings, but It`s difficult and complicate for me until now ,so in the presentation  I could understand somethings that I didn`t konw  like :- How do you know your ascendant . Like some people said : I don`t believe in the essence ,but  I believe in  the qualities   and defects,because there`re some adjectives  that I  have  and there`re in my sign.So, like the presentation *horoscope, I had never thought about relationships,when I say that I never thought ,I want to say that I never to imported with this , so now I changed my form to think because I live with relationships so I belive that if  I live whith this, consequently I import with this ,so I think that we need relationships because,you need try to live with people that you have difficult ,you need to live and try to understand ,and try to accept other conceptions.




Consumo is  a song of  christiam Band Katsbarnea .Featuring  lyrics written by Brother Simom.   Katsbarnea – consumo

I choose this song because,  I think that *consumo shows the main idea of the video.The video talk about desires like what you have  for you are beautiful, for you feel better so in this song talk just about this,about like is the price(value) for consume ,talk about what is the price for you live like the patterns of society.


Sua vida está sendo retalhada e destruída!
Sua vida está sendo cruelmente consumida!

Noite perdida, há muita escuridão, labirinto sem saída
Sexo, droga e bebida. Nos painéis e out-doors escuto sempre a voz

Cheiro da cocaína, o perfume do álcool, a bruma da maconha
O comércio do sangue. Nos painéis e out-doors esculto sempre a voz

Consumo de roupa, consumo de drogas, consumo de álcool
Consumo de cigarro, consumo de vida humana

Vida escura e fria, entre covas e abismos,
O velho coração pede uma esperança

Abro os olhos vejo a Paulista, templo da burguesia
Revolta incontida, ira na pele expelida

T.S Eliot


I have never read T.S Eliot, I liked his poem Four Quartets or the No. Second of  Four Quartets: East Coker .

Although his poem is not easy to understand, in this poem you can think about you , you can think about what you are,so at the first time I didn’t understand anything,so when  I read twice or three times I understood a little bit, I just thought about people,in expectation ,like when you think that you know somebody and in one day, you discover that  this person isn’t what you thought,so when  the teacher started  to talk about the poem I understood many things, so now I think  that this poem talk about doubts ,doubts inside and outside you,like you and yourself.

edipo rei

Édipo rei is a greek tragedy writen by sófocles about 427a.c the history happens in tebas, édipo rei is a classical of the most perfect tragedy of greek,his tragedy show the human impotence before of destiny.Edipo rei is a story of a son that kill his father and got married with his mother.The father went an oracle and the oracle said he tragedy that will happen ,so, he tried to kill his son ,but he doesnt  die and other family took him,so edipo lived without knowing that he didnt live with his true family,so, one day  edipo went to an oracle and the oracle said that he will kill his father,sad and upsed, he go away and on the road, he kill a man that were his true father,who were a king, and without knowing, edipo got married with his mother and he descovered the truth and he hurt his eyes.

I think that if his other family was told him the truth, he didnt  runaway and killed someone ,if he knew his true origin, he would understand and live with the truth, in this story the consequence of lie was a death.

I liked this story it s not like ones that you always know what will happen.Classical literatures have a diferent and amazing end, they are stories that leave us curious in all pages ,so they are a good story.

the world can change

the world is strange some times

because  people don`t  help people

people think that  the world to be just in your mind

forgot that the world  have many people that need help in his life

so in the end the world  will be dark without  freedom

because  nobody help the word  so

the world die


all the topics have a relation with human ,about the relation betwen life,dreams, learning process human, like diferent ideas in diferent phases of our life,relation about the word, with diferent actions of human being.I don t know if  I m correct but I think that fears,phobias,utopia just  happen because kind of relation we have with other people and relation with our ambient (ambient that We live)for example when I was child I had some utopias about my life because I sow my parents said something and I dreamed with what They sad. so all The world contribute with what you are today(your form to think,your form  to see the world,(your supose or no real world,) your phobias.

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